The BOARDCULTURE SURF CENTER is a premium Surf Center in Ericeira, Portugal, located just next to the Ericeira Camping and at the beginning of the 2nd World Surfing Reserve.

Ericeira is well known for the good surf conditions almost every day during all seasons. The nearby charismatic spots are great for free stylers and intermediate/advanced riders.

Our experienced team is happy to advise and help you with any questions you may have! We dedicate 100% of our effort on giving the best quality lessons for small groups or private courses, that way all of our clients get the best and fastest improving, safe and funny lessons.



So that you can take advantage of the constant swells that hit our shoreline, we have available all the necessary gear for almost any wave sport. At your disposal you’ll have a wide range of surf boards (soft tops, epoxy and polyester), paddle boards, bodyboards, skim boards and body surf equipment. Our wetsuits are the most suitable for maximum comfort inside the water taking into account the different temperatures of water or season.


Our task is to make your holidays more spontaneous, so that you can feel Ericeira’s magic and beauty in all its glory. To better know the village and its surroundings uncovering its concealed secrets you can always choose our scooter and mountain bike service.



Starting off is easy in small groups and with special training equipment, even children can easily learn to surf with us. We will take care of it! Our approved and experienced surfing instructors are ready to make you a better surfer, with lessons from complete beginner to advanced freestyle level.


Paddleboard is a very special water sport. You will get all the panoramic views of the 18km magic shoreline from a new perspective. We provide you all the equipment and security needed to be relaxed and comfortable during your journey in the sea. You shall try once and be in love forever!


Get the most and let your holidays be the funniest ever! Bodyboard is an easy to learn wave sport and you will quickly feel pure adrenaline.


Even though the BoardCulture Surf Center is especialized in water sports we don’t forget the ones that either don’t like water or are more inclined to other type of outdoor, cultural acivities or just feeling blue from the bad weather…

The several tours available will broaden your horizonts and give you the true feeling of riding with local experts on finding the best kept secrets around our magic area.

From trips around the Mafra district, to Lisbon, ”bidos or Nazaré to horse ridding, treeking and mountain bike trails just pick your adventure and take the leap! You will not be disapointed!!!


All of our teachers are credentiated by the Portuguese Surfing federation (FPS).

Pedro Luis

Age: 46
Hobby: Making smile

Surfer from a really young age, our ever smiling coach started his coaching saga back in 1988 after discovering his brother potential and helping him to take the title of European and 5 times National Champion in 1996. Since then he never lost his natural love for coaching others from the starting beginner level to the most advanced ones.

In 2015 he joins the BoardCulture Surf Center coach crew because, taking his own words, “it is a project aligned with my passion and my heart”.

Jorge Mousinho

Age: 42
Hobby: Social School work

Jorge is our school/surf coordinator, surfer since he was 14 and a true lover of this sport he committed both personally and professional to the world of sport by becoming a school sports teacher. No one can outmatch his passion on teaching our surfers the meaning of surf and how this simple sport can enhance your awareness of yourself and the world.


If it isn’t on your Instagram it didn’t happen, right? For safety reasons, we cannot allow you to carry your own camera while you are taking lessons.

To make sure you have the best memories of your experience, we have a team of professional surf photographers capturing your surf lesson from the ground, in the air and in the water! They will follow you through the whole class: from the moment you get into your wetsuits, do your warm up on the beach, and of course catch your first waves!

We’ll have your shots ready to view back at the surf school by the time you’re dry. All packages will include 20+ high res photos of your lesson, shot from different angles and will be sent to your email.

Book your photoshoot in advance to get better rates. Ask one of our staff members for pricing.

Our team works for the top surf magazines and international media. Just ride the waves and we’ll make you look like a star!

Diogo D’orey

Diogo has a decade-long history in surf photography, starting with his
hometown Rio de Janeiro, then traveling and living near surf spots in
Mexico, Nicaragua, Bali and finally Portugal. His water shots have
graced the covers of numerous surfing magazines and published in books
around the world.

Katya Kukureko

After a long career in tech, Katya left her corporate job to pursue a dream to become a surf photographer. As a seasoned social-media guru, she’ll make sure you’ll get the coolest shots for your gram! Her feminine eye in photography is what makes this team fully complete.

Henrique Casinhas

Born in 1986, bodyboarder since 1996
His passion for the sea and photography always accompanied him. What
started as a hobby quickly traced his career. Nowadays collaborates as a
photojournalist with several Portuguese newspapers and international



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